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Dear all,

 *North Wales Trip*
People who are not on the bouldering comp team and want to go to North wales
(28-30th nov), there is a normal trip going as well, we will be relying on
cars a bit but please do come along (sign up will be available soon).

*The COMP*
Thanks to everyone who came along to the selection for the North wales round
of the Welsh Uni Bouldering comps. I hope you all enjoyed the challenge.
Following the return of every one's scores the teams for north wales comp
are as follows:

*First Team*
Jacky (71)
Jon (108)
simon (102)

*Second Team*
Fip (40)
Josh (75)
Laith (83)

*First year team* (new to the club this year)
Connor (72)
Jessica (??) (on provision of paying £10 membership!)
Ruben (73)

Caspain (71)

If you are in one of the teams please make sure you are able to come to
North wales on the *28-30th November. If not let us know NOW! *Team training
will be organise by Jacky, you will be emailed sepratly about this. On the
Sunday (30th Nov) everyone will go climbing outside (unless weather is
Any questions let us know.

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