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Wed Nov 19 11:40:34 GMT 2008

Dear all,

*Note to all:* If you are driving up independently of the club to any club
trips/sessions can you please sign up and state you will be driving
separately - otherwise we can't work out numbers (includes bouldering comp

*North wales: *We need one more reserve/route judge to come with us to north
wales and be part of the bouldering comp team. You will be a route judge on
the Saturday (unless we need you as a reserve) and free to climb on the
Sunday. Anyone who took part in the bouldering comp has first chance, but
after that anyone is welcome.

Please reply to this email if you fancy it.


 *P.S any current team members who don't turn up today or let me know they
can't turn up will be replaced!*

SUMC Committee

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