[SUMC] Transport rep: A few hours a week to help

SUMC Committee sumc at sumc.org.uk
Fri Oct 10 11:49:30 BST 2008

Dear all

Do any of you have a few hours a week to be a transport rep with the
AU? You would be asked to spend a few hours every week sorting out
transport for all the AU clubs (basically just filing and form
filling). There are some major benefits of being involved in the
Athletics Union, you get to be involved in decision making about AU
issues, cheap access to PLAY nights and to be part of the AU team.

It would be really really useful for the mountaineering club if
someone involved in our club would be able to be a transport rep as we
do use a lot of transport and currently no one is organising the

Get in touch if you fancy volunteering.



SUMC Committee

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