[SUMC] First Round of the Welsh Uni's Bouldering Comp (WUBC)

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*Please come along and have a go for our bouldering comp team!*

This year there are three rounds in a welsh universities bouldering
competition. There will be prizes in each round of some sort and hopefully
an overall prize at the final comp. The three comps are organised by:

North wales: Bangor uni
South wales 1: Swansea uni
South wales 2: Cardiff uni and Galmorgan uni

The Welsh comp's are very relaxed and fun events. In each competition each
university can enter 3 teams. Each team must have one male and one female
and have 3 members (normally 1 female and 2 males). Each of the competitors
has 3 goes at 25 routes, and points are awarded for getting to the top of
the route. We have decided that our third team will be for new members of
the club, in order to give more new peeps a chance to experience a
bouldering comp.

The first of the three rounds is due to be held in north wales on Saturday
29th Nov. In order to decide who gets to compete there will be a small
selection comp. This will involve turning up, trying 10 problems, and if you
do are in the top 9 you will be selected for the team. There will be 9
people competing, plus two reserves who will come along and compete if
someone is injured or can't take part, they will also route judge, there
will therefore be 11 members for the north wales comp team.

To get on the team you must be able to make the date of the comp - 29th Nov
- we will be going up to north wales on the 28th and coming back on the
30th, be able to make most of the training sessions (1 hour every Monday and
every Wednesday) and be keen.

*The selection comp will be on Wednesday 5th Nov (unless lots of people
can't make it) between 4-7pm.* PLEASE let us know ASAP if you can not make
this date, if you want to come please sign up online.

If you fancy giving it a go please do - you don't have to be an expert at
bouldering or brilliant - the more who try the better, p.s please can some
girls come along otherwise we are screwed!


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