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***Hi all,*

*Hope you've had a good easter.  Just to remind everyone of the Club's AGM,
which takes place on Thursday 30th April.*

*Every active member of the club should come along*, it's a good social and
you get to choose who run's the show next year! Please come, it's a good way
to involve yourself in the club even if you don't intend to take on a
position. The meeting will start be a quick run through of committee
positions and votes on any changes, followed by a a vote on the
consititution, then a quite break for drinks, then voting will take place,
each notmination will be given the chance to say a few words then we club
will vote.

If you are intrested in a posistion (or more than one) you will be asked to
write down you name at the start of the AGM. You should think about why you
would make a good member of the committee because you will be asked some
questions to help people cast their votes.

The positions are:
*President: *The big cheese, runs the club, arranges trips and calls for
meetings amongst other thing. Currently Jacky

*Secretary:* Sends emails, deals with minibus/coach forms, makes the
occasional phone call (check if it's the A.U president when you receive a
call), takes care of sign up sheets, and holds all the paper work for the
members so mustn't loose stuff easily. Currently Tom W

*Treasurer*: Holds "the tin", which holds most of the club money. Because of
this is needed at most climbs to take the trip money, or sign-up money.
Currently Dave

*Social Sec:* Arranges nights out of various sizes, from trips to J.Cs all
the way up to the Christmas Ball. Currently Eira

*Gear Rep* An experienced climber who knows about gear. This person will
look after the club gear throughout the year by keeping a detailed list of
who borrows what. They hand out gear on trips and also train gear rep 2.
Currently Tom D

*Trip organiser* Some one who is in charge of sorting away trips, planning
them and sorting accomadation currently james

*Freshers rep;* should socialise with fershers and bring their views to the
committee, keeping them invloved in the club. Currently josh

*Website Sec:* keep the website updated, sort out any technical probelms the
commitee have in te emailetc. currently Si

*Management rep*: a member of the last years comittee who can advice and
assit the commitee with climbing area's and the logistics of how the club
and AU work. currently Jon

Remember that many of the committee members don't have to be really
experienced climbers. If you have any question about spercific positions
then just ask the respective member and I'm sure they'll be happy to answer
any questions you have.

*We'll be going for a meal after to congratulate the new committee, all are

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