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Tue Dec 1 08:23:52 GMT 2009

just some final details for this weekends trip to North Wales.  We're
meeting at 17.00 at the front of Fulton House.  Cost of the trip will now be
£25.  We're staying in a bunkbarn in a pub, so youll need sleeping bags.
Food arrangements are: Friday - stop for fish and chips on the way, Saturday
- Hog Roast at the pub with other unis, Sunday - stop for meal on the way
home.  We'll stop by a shop on the way to get lunches/breakfasts for the
Plan for the weekend is: *Saturday* - competition/climbing outside for
non-competitors, *Sunday* - indoor/outdoor climbing depending on the weather
and what people want to do.

For outdoor climbing, you WILL need the following:
-boots that are waterproof and come up to your ankle
-waterproof coat/trousers
-warm clothing - ie: fleeces/hats/gloves etc...
-no jeans!

With regards to the bouldering competition, we're only going to enter two
teams, which are
James Andrews
Richard Ashworth
Amy Griffiths

Caspian Johnson
Matt Everett
Rachel Pritchard*

However, there are still 1/2 spaces on the minibus, so anyone who wants to
take part in the competition is welcome to come along - just sign up on the

Kind Regards
Tom Webber

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