[SUMC] Learning to lead climb, collecting clothing and the AU awards dinner

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Tue Feb 17 12:12:24 GMT 2009


I still have a few bits of clothing left over that people havn't collected.
If this applies to you, can you please make an effort to get to the sports
hall at 7pm this thursday to collect it or to meet me outside fulton house
at 6pm next monday.

Also, it seems there's a few people that want to learn how to lead climb /
lead belay. If you want to learn, come along to the sports hall at 7pm this
thursday where one of the committee members will be able to teach you.
Please don't turn up at Dynamic Rock on a monday asking to be taught without
contacting us beforehand.

Finally, if you wanna come to the AU Awards Dinner we will be collecting the
ticket money at the sports hall at 7pm this thursday too. It's £25 per
ticket (see Eira's email from yesterday for full details).

Did I mention you can come and actually do some climbing at the sports hall
at 7pm this thursday?

It seems like you need to find a good reason not to get down to the sports
hall at 7pm this thursday!!

Cya at the (yeh you guessd it) SPORTS HALL AT 7PM THIS THURSDAY


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