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SUMC Committee sumc at sumc.org.uk
Fri Jan 9 14:54:52 GMT 2009

Dear all

Hoping you have all had an enjoyable holiday.

Due to Exams their will be no Monday or Thurday night sessions until the
26th January.

If you fancy a climbing and don't have tranport or want someone to climb
with (indoors or out) please go to crag chat.

The first day trip of the term is on the *25th of Jan* - a local venue -
either sport or trad. Sign up avalaible. We will do trad if tide and weather
are right, otherwise we will find some sport.

Don't forget we have a weekend Trip to *Pembroke* on the *30th Jan - 1st Feb
*. The accommodation is booked and so far it is looking like a very cheap
trip! sign up is available.


SUMC Committee

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