[SUMC] Going Sport climbing outside instead of DR - TONIGHT

SUMC Committee sumc at sumc.org.uk
Mon May 11 13:36:56 BST 2009


Me, Tom W, Jamie N, Lloyd and Mark are all up for sport this afternoon, this
means those 5 peeps need ropes and quick draws (maybe 3 sets of) I have one
rope and 1 set of quickdraws. What time can you guys meet?

Mark - I take it you are driving? Do you know the way?

Anyone else? Let us know ASAP.


2009/5/11 SUMC Committee <sumc at sumc.org.uk>

> Hiya
> Does anyone fancy doing some sport climbing tonight instead of climbing
> indoors? Would be looking to leave between 4-5pm ideally, going to Dyrffrn
> (near DR) or Watchhouse (nr 3 cliffs). The climbing is grade 5 or above with
> only 2 or so grade 5 routes and everything else harder.
> Email the club before 4pm if you fancy it.
> Thanks, Jacky
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