[SUMC] Tonight - Dyfryn

SUMC Committee sumc at sumc.org.uk
Mon May 11 14:31:48 BST 2009

The DR wall session still as normal. However there is only enough car space
for those who signed up (Rachel, Tim, Greg and Mariza).

Those going outside for sport climbing (so far Me, Tom W, Jamie N, Lloyd,
Mark, Jamie G, and Charlie). We will meet at *3.30pm at FH.* Please bring
all the normal stuff, we will only provide ropes, quickdraws and guide, you
need all your own personal kit (e.g harness shoes, belay devise). Please be
aware the climbing will be 5 or more and might be quite hard!

If you can't make 3.30pm let me know ASAP or you will have to go to the Wall
at 6.00pm.


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