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just to remind you, there is a trip to Pembroke this Saturday.  Its the last
day trip of the year, and will be a great chance to make the most of the
weather.  Anyone can come, we only ask that you have climbed outside at
least once before.

We will leave at 0800 from Fulton House - so arrive before then!  Travel
will be by cars, so if you're a car owner and willing to drive, it would be
appreciated.  Cost of the trip will be £7.

You will need to bring:
-climbing gear (indicate what club gear you need when signing up)
-sensible clothing, ie: no jeans!  something to keep the wind out
-food and drink
-guidebooks if you have them.

If you aren't a TRAD leader, then please tick the 'seconder only' option,
and don't tick everything for gear - just helmet! (and harness, belay plate
etc if you need them)

All the best
Tom Webber

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