[SUMC] BMC Winter Lecture - Tommorow

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Mon Nov 23 11:33:49 GMT 2009

just some details for those of you coming to the winter lecture tommorow
(Tom Page, Tom Dudley, Rachel, Jamie, Charlie).  We don't have enough car
spaces, so we're planning to head over on the train - the lecture is about
30 mins walk from the station.  Tickets will cost £5, and the trains
normally about £6 for a return.

Plan is to get the 17.30 train from Swansea, as the lecture starts at
19.30.  Therefore, if we meet outside Fulton house at 16.30, we'll have
plenty of time to walk to the station.

Let me know if theres any problems, or you're not coming


PS; Dudley, can call at yours if you like, as you're on the way to the
station - save you walking to uni...)

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