[SUMC] Club Clothing and Trips this Week

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Sun Oct 18 14:41:51 BST 2009

Hi All

Hope those you came climbing yesterday all had a good day.

Just a quick email to see what sort of clothing people would be interested
in getting with the clubs logo on.

A few suggestions are:

   - Waterproof coat
   - Fleece coat
   - Soft Shell Jacket
   - T-shirts

Let us know by replying to this email which ones of the above you'd be
interested in buying.


P.S. Don't forget the trips this week

   - Monday to Dynamic Rock meet at Fulton House at 5.45pm, cost is
   £8.  The wall are also running a gear night this week, a good chance to get
   kitted out for a good price.
   - Wednesday Afternoon Trip to Dynamic Rock.  Sign up on line for this,
   whether the trip runs is dependent on people with cars being willing to
   drive people there
   - Thursday Evening at the Uni Wall.  7pm-9pm, cost £1.50.  JC's
   - Friday is the first weekend trip.  Going to Portland, cost is £25.
   Leaving 5.00pm Friday getting back late Sunday.  We're staying in a Scout
   Hut so you need a roll mat and sleeping bag.  Again sign up online for

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