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Fri Sep 18 21:15:45 BST 2009

Hi all,
Just to welcome you all back to Uni, and hope you had a good summer.  Here
are a few notices for the coming year,

1) If you haven't already seen it, the events list for the year has been
updated, most of the usual trips are there, along with a few new ones

2) AU Membership - gonna have to be stricter this year, you won't be allowed
to join the club for the year unless you have an Athletic Union membership
card for 2009/2010.  AU membership is available on their website,

3) Regular trips are still the same - Dynamic Rock on Monday evenings ans
Wednesday afternoon, and the Uni wall on thursdays.

4)The first session at the uni wall is at 19.00 on thursday 24th September,
likely to be very busy with freshers, and will quieten down after a few

5)The first Dynamic Rock trip is on Monday 28th September, again likely to
be very busy with freshers

All the best
Tom Webber

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