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Hi gang,
Just a few more details for the North Wales trip 2-4th October.  Theres
still places if you would like to come.

-A few have asked about what 'experienced' means, basically as long as
you've climbed outside and seconded trad. you can come on the trip -
providing there is someone willing to partner you for the weekend.

-We're staying in the bunkhouse at Snowdon
inn<http://www.thesnowdoninn.co.uk/>in Llanberis.  Facilities include
toilets and showers.  The pubs pretty
decent, and also happens to be the haunting ground of one Johnny Dawes...

-We aim to leave at 17.00 from the front of Fulton House, so please be there
by then

-AU memberships: the AU are getting picky this year, so anyone coming in the
minibus must have paid for membership - sorry to bang on about this, but its
the club that'll get in trouble so have to be strict...

-For food we'll stop for fish and chips and a supermarket trip weekend for
supplies in Mid wales on the friday, on the Saturday we'll go for a pub meal
(you can cook at the bunk barn instead if you bring a stove), and we'll
probably stop for a meal on the Sunday evening; as we'll be back quite late.

Also, stating the obvious, but heres a few basic things to remember to
-climbing gear (including a helmet!)
-Sleeping bag
-waterproof and warm clothing - jeans are NOT appropriate for climbing in
the mountains!
-boots/strong shoes, as some of the walk ins and descents are on rough
-bog roll (always useful in a bunkbarn)
-a small rucksack to climb with (to carry shoes/food/clothes etc..)
-stove/mess tins etc.. if you want to cook or heat water

If you want to come, then please sign up on the website, putting what gear
you need, and whether you can lead climb.  We'll sort out climbing partners
on thursday, so it'd be useful if you sign up by then.

Over and out

SUMC Committee

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