[SUMC] Club Clothing Now Available!

SUMC Committee sumc at sumc.org.uk
Thu Dec 2 00:23:05 GMT 2010

Hello Everyone,

It's that time of the year where we let you get your hands on some SUMC club
clothing! I'm sure you will have seen club members from previous years
wearing a multitude of different items and it's now your chance to get your
own. This year we will be offering you tshirts, hoodies and beanies in
different designs, colours and styles.

To give you a taster of what the clothing (without SUMC logos etc) will look
like, click on the item you want in the table below. Clothing is available
in any of the colours given on the links so just pick your favourite (or
favourites) and it'll be yours! The prices given include VAT so this is the
actual price you will be paying.

  Unisex tshirt<http://www.promotional-store.com/%28nabglu2dgy1dpwrqbn42s355%29/referredproduct.aspx?id=1760>


Female fit tshirt<http://www.promotional-store.com/%283w5yofapphllxpbly35mfyue%29/referredproduct.aspx?id=3342>


Standard hoody (no


Mens zip hoody<http://www.promotional-store.com/%2850k5kd55chboajvrqflwi145%29/referredproduct.aspx?id=205>


Female zip hoody<http://www.promotional-store.com/%2825weut32zvp2b15521n2go55%29/referredproduct.aspx?id=1694>


Beanie with tassels<http://www.promotional-store.com/%28p40vkr4512u3r1q150pdp055%29/referredproduct.aspx?id=4547>


NB: The unisex tshirt is the standard men's tshirt. There may be another
different style beanie available later but this isn't confirmed yet - we'll
keep you posted.

There will be two designs used for all the tshirts and hoodies (see the
fantastic artwork attached to this email). Design 1 is the three peaks logo
print and Design 2 is the climber and belayer print. The colour of the print
will either be all black or all white depending on the colour of the
clothing chosen - unfortunately you can't choose the colour of the priint.
The beanies will only have one design and this will be "Swansea University
Mountaineering Club" written on them.

As you can see it's a fantastic pick n mix so to make things easier for us
(and to make sure you get what you ask for!) can you please order your items
in the following 3 simple steps:

1) Reply to this email with your order rather than sending a new separate
one (this keeps all orders in the same thread).
2) Fill in the table below. Although the table only allows 5 items, there is
no maximum order. You can order as many items in as many different colours
or designs as you want! Just add some more rows or make it really clear what
you're after.
3) Give Jamie your money ASAP. Unfortunately, orders can't be placed unless
we receive the money first.

 Item of clothing

 Colour (exactly as it appears on the link above)

 Design (1 or 2)


 Quantity Required






The deadline for orders will be *FRIDAY 10TH DECEMBER* so get your orders in
ASAP. Any orders placed after this date will be too late! Jamie will be
collecting money on Monday's and Thursday's climbing sessions. If you think
you'll be unable to get the money to us by this date then please email us to
let us know and we'll see what we can do.

What are you waiting for? Get ordering!


SUMC Committee

Web: http://www.sumc.org.uk
Forum: http://www.sumc.org.uk/cragchat

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