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hey everyone, thought i'd re send this as i know a few people have bought
some new kit, and are gunna be using it with us lot in summer*,

Some of you may have some nice shiny new bits of climbing gear from aa shop,
so shiny that you never want to loose them, or you may already have kit,
that will surely look like anyone else's [if they bought the same stuff].
The way to combat this fiendishly ghastly problem is quite simple...
electric tape.  Now tape on your kit alone won't save them from becoming
potential 'crag swag', so if you can meander over to the SUMC website, under
'About us', then 'tape colours', [or alternately here CLICK
HERE<http://www.sumc.org.uk/about/tape>] you will see a list of club
members that have already decided on their kit
colours, some may be pretty, some ugly, but CLUB KIT is ALWAYS YELLOW, so
any kit that I may find with ANY yellow tape I will assume belongs to the
club, and put it with the rest of the stuff [as some of the kit was
inherited with previous owners colours, draped with a fresh yellow ribbon].

So if you have/will have climbing kit, have a look at the link, pick a
DIFFERENT set of colours [or colour], and email the club [by pressing
'reply'] so that our genius web sec can update the list with your chosen
This is also useful for when you end up with some kit that isn't yours, as
you can find out who's it belongs to!

see you around, or at cornwall

Ed x

Note: no prizes will be given for elaborate, complex or pointless designs,
though no punishment will be given in the event of these designs.

SUMC Committee

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