[SUMC] Sport climbing this weekend and social next week

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Sun Nov 7 11:38:03 GMT 2010

Hiya Ladies and Gents,

this Saturday the 13th we'll have our first day trip where we will be doing
sport climbing! we'll be heading towards Merthyr Tydfil to a lovely little
crag called Edwardsville where you can sample the joys of sport climbing. *the
sign up sheet is now open*. as 90% of our car drivers aren't coming we've
limited the sign up sheet to 10 people, but stick your name down anyway as
we're trying to get a minibus.
to come on the trip you will need to be competant at tying a figure 8 knot
and belaying safely (so basically you have a dynamic rock card).

the next social will be on Tuesday the 16th, we're having a cinema night in
Kier Hardie room 230 (bit of an adventure to find, its more towards the J
Callaghan side of the building), this starts at 6pm, we'll watch a couple of
awesome climbing movies on the big screen, prepare to be wowed! BYOB and
snacks (thanks to Mark we've got some marshmallows, perfect cinema food, no
crunch), after the movies we'll all head out for food (and drinks...)!

see you at dynamic rock tonight, same time as usuall, hope some of you will
be trying out for the bouldering comp too!

Rosie x

SUMC Committee

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