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Mon Oct 25 15:18:19 BST 2010

hope everyone who came yesterday had a good time.  This weekend is our first
weekend away to the Peak District, and below are some final details
regarding this trip.

*Can anyone who's signed up, but isn't going to come on the trip let us know
ASAP.  *We'll be rather annoyed with anyone who doesn't turn up Friday
evening, as places are limited for the weekend.  If so, can you cancel your
name on the sign up in the next couple of days.

Meeting time is 1700 at the front of Fulton House. *Let us know if this is
an issue*
Cost is a mere £30, which covers your transport and accommodation costs

We'll have 2 days climbing - on Saturday we'll head to Stanage, and on
Sunday the plan is to climb at Castle Naze.

There are pictures from previous trips on the Club website for anyone

Food arrangements are:
-Friday, stop for food on the way (KFC!) and a supermarche for food supplies
for the weekend (2 x breakfast, 2 x lunch, snacks)
-Saturday, take away in the evening
-Sunday, stop for food on the way home

**Accommodation is in a Scout Hut, which has a *small* kitchen (adequate for
cups of tea/snacks), toilets, a picture of the Queen and a union jack.
 There aren't beds, so you'll need a roll mat.  But its cheap!

A list of suggested things to bring:

-any climbing gear you have
-sleeping bag + mat
-waterproof coat
-warm clothing, hats, gloves, scarves etc...
-trousers to climb in (JEANS NOT ALLOWED - something like trackies/light
weight trousers)
-torch (scout hut toilets are a bit of a trek through a dark scary
-appropriate footwear (ie; something with some treads, not flat soled floppy
skate shoes....)

Should be a really good weekend.  Wet weather alternatives are indoor
climbing, or hiking for anyone interested (you'll need boots and waterproofs
for this)

Just a reminder that as well as our regular climbing session tonight,
Dynamic Rock will also be running a gear night where you can get all the kit
you need at discount prices.  Arrangements are exactly the same as normal -
meet between 1730 and 1800 at the front of Fulton House, cost is £10.

All the best
Tom Webber

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