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Hi guys!

Just another quick one about teaching the Freshers next year. If you're mega
organised and already answered my last email, then please ignore this one.

Each year, we rely on our more experienced members to teach our newbies the
basics at Dynamic Rock, on our usual Monday night sessions. This year we've
already had some people sign up to teach, but we need more people please...
the more people who sign up, the less time each person will be needed for as
we'll work on a rota. So please sign up - even if you only want to teach
once, it'll be much appreciated. The opportunity to teach is open to
everyone who is a member at Dynamic Rock.

Don't worry if you're not sure you're ready to teach. An induction will be
provided at Dynamic Rock which will act as a mini-course, teaching
instructing methods as well as general safety stuff, and offering you the
opportunity to ask any questions you might have. The induction will be
compulsory for all instructors, as it is a requirement of Dynamic Rock
before you're allowed to sign in three guests.

We know that asking you to give up some of your Monday sessions is a fairly
big request, so we try to give something back – for every week you spend
teaching Freshers, you'll get a free Monday climbing session at Dynamic

If you're interested in teaching at all next year, please reply to this

Cheers all,


SUMC Committee

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