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Sat Apr 16 00:39:46 BST 2011

Evening everyone,

just a quick email concerning the club kit.  As you all know the AGM is
approaching soon, so i intend to get ALL the club kit over then next month/2
months so get it all logged correctly and sorted ready for the new gear rep.

There are several bit out on loan that could do with being back with the
rest of the stuff [such as the bouldering mat of which, in my 2 years as
gear rep, has never spent a day in my house...]

if you have any kit, let me know [tho i do know who you are, that has kit, i
just want the finer details] and closer to the time [after i've finished my
diss] i'll come visit to retrieve kit!

Oh and does anybody have in their possession a Green DMM i-beam wiregate?
possibly given to them to attach a chalkbag on an outdoor trip? let me know
as one has gone missing...

hope your all doing it like bunny rabbits!
[although i've never seen the relation between chick eggs, bunnies and a
dead jesus ghost... but hey, religion isn't supposed to makes sense!]

Ed x

p.s. there is no free giveaway, but it may have made you more likely to read
the email!

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