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Hi all

A few people have been asking me about tape colours and seen as Christmas
is coming up and some of you may start assembling racks/gear etc. now is a
good time to go through it.

Mostly aimed at keen trad climbers + sport climbers, after you leave SUMC
you'll obviously need your own equipment to climb. Whether its a set a
quickdraws for sport routes or some lovely wall nuts for trad climbs, how
do you know what is yours, whats your friends and whats the clubs?

You've no doubt seen the committees equipment all taped up with their own
colours to identify their kit as their own (to prevent to 'crag swag'!). If
you're thinking of asking for some gear this christmas then before bringing
it to Swansea you should decide on a colour scheme that will be YOURS for
as long as you climb (or if you don't someone will claim your gear as their
own!) Also taping up your gear with someone else's colours is just asking
for trouble, so to see who's already got a tape colour scheme click here:


If you want to dibs a colour/pattern send me an E-mail and I'll add you to
the site. If you're doing multi-colour, be clear about the colour order ie:

'Left to right: green,white,green'

Also if you want gear advice, we're always happy to talk gear in case you
need help deciding what you want for christmas!

Thats all for now, see those attending Dynamic Rock tonight

Matt Ev

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