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Thu May 12 09:24:58 BST 2011

Morning all,


Here's a list of who owes what to the club according to my calculations:

*Charlotte Graves - £35
Charlie O'Reilly - £55
Peter Lemmon - £5
Homer - £15*

Neil - I'll speak to you tomorrow about fuel.

If you could all pay at the AGM that would be good.
AGM Reminder*

The AGM is taking place tomorrow (Friday) in lecture room 5, Fulton House.
It will start at 6pm so you'll need to get there 5 minutes before so we can
get started promptly. We will discuss some club issues, vote in the new
committee for 2011/12 and then head to JC's to watch Dave get
inappropriately rowdy. Anyone who wants to put themselves forward for a
position should have a good look at the committee positions described in the
email before and be prepared to stand up and convince us all why you think
you would be the right person for the job. Bribes will be accepted, though
they may or may not have an effect upon the votes.

See you all there,


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