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Thu Nov 3 19:37:36 GMT 2011

Hi guys

This E-mail is aimed at those signed up for the peaks trip (both on the
reserves and those with a place).

Just a reminder that we're meeting tomorrow at *Fulton house at
5:00pm*tomorrow for the peaks trip and arriving back at Fulton House
on Sunday at
about *23:00*. Please be on time so we can leave as promptly as possible
and bring your kit (re-listed below) with you. Also don't forget the trip
cost is *£30* and we'll be taking it off people at Fulton House. If you
have a lecture at 5:00pm, let us know and we'll wait for you and not leave
without you. We're using floor space as there aren't enough beds, so to
avoid everyone bringing a roll mat and filling the cars with them, can the
following people also bring a roll mat along with the kit:

Alex Cole
Helen Kinsella
Sam L-English
Jack Pitts
Vincent Gaertner
Chris Lyus
Alexei Nicholas
Clare Harris

If you don't have roll mats, please let the* Joe the gear rep know
ASAP*and we'll try and source one. The remainder of the kit list is

*Heres your kit list*

   - Climbing clothes
   - Warm wear
   - Waterproofs (including trousers if you've got them!)
   - Water bottle (or buy one at the supermarket)
   - Money for takeaways
   - Your shiny new gear from gear night!
      - Harness
      - Shoes
      - Chalk bag + Chalk
      - Belay device
   - Hat and gloves (optional)
   - Headtorch (optional and very useful)
   - Daysack to take gear to the crag
   - Good approach shoes for outdoor walking
   - Sleeping bag

Joe has asked me to remind people that if they have forgotten some
equipment that they need (such as Helmets, Harness or shoes) can they
E-mail him ASAP as we won't be bringing/don't have room for spares.

There are cooking facilities at the bunk house, so here is the rough plan:

*Friday night*
Drive from Fulton house
Stop for KFC for tea.
Drive more
Stop at the supermarket in Leek. Buy food for 2 Breakfasts and 2 Dinners.
You can also buy food to cook on Saturday night if you don't want to get a
Drive to bunk house
Breakfast bought from Supermarket
Dinner bought from Supermarket
EITHER Cook food from Supermarket OR get a takeaway

Breakfast bought from Supermarket
Dinner bought from Supermarket
Fast food on the way home/services/KFC again.
Arrive back in Swansea about *23:00*

*Leaders*, if you have peak's guidebooks, we'll be using Western Grit and
possibly Eastern Grit if we go to Stanage. If you want nut keys, E-mail Joe
and let him know. If you are borrowing a rack and have any specific rack
requirements (IE 'lots of cams' or 'no hexes') or you want to make your own
then please do this before hand or let Joe know.

*Reserves*,if you can check your E-mails at some point in the afternoon in
case we have a space for you then you'll be able to grab a place before its
too late.

If theres any questions let me know as soon as you can to give me chance to
answer them. Otherwise I'll see you guys tomorrow.


Matt Ev

SUMC Committee

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