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Wed Mar 14 22:21:37 GMT 2012

This is aimed solely at those heading to the peak district this weekend, so
if thats not you, feel free to delete this!

So final bits of information:

*Unless otherwise instructed* (tbc tomorrow), everyone to meet at *Fulton
house at 17:00 on Friday*. If you can't do 5:00pm, let us know and we'll
sort a 'late' car.
We'll be returning to Swansea on *Sunday at about 21:00 - 22:00*.

*The kit list*
Sensible climbing clothes - NOT JEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rock shoes
Good shoes for the walk in
Warm wear - Its the peaks, thus expect cold weather!
Head torch
Sleeping bag
Roll mat
Hat + Gloves (optional)
Nice daysack to take to the crags
Guidebooks (Eastern + Western grit if you have them)
Teabags (optional)

Please try and pack lightly, remember its only a weekend!

*What you DON'T NEED*
Cooking stuff
By the looks of things, sunglasses
Rambo stylee hunting knives

The traditional stop at KFC by Monmouth (M50) on the way up on Friday,
followed by a supermarket pit stop just before we get to Chinley. What you
need from there: 2x breakfasts, 2x dinners/lunch and possibly a tea. The
alternative for a tea is a takeaway, but please organise this with a car
driver BEFORE leaving the supermarket...

Chinley scout hut has cooking facilities inlcuding cups, plates, bowls,
pans etc. It has a hob, oven, kettle and I *think* a microwave.

Sunday evening after climbing we'll get a takeaway before heading home.

I think that's everything for now, if I've forgotten something please ping
me an E-mail and I'll get back to you...

Matt Ev

SUMC Committee

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