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I predict this will be a long E-mail, so I'll do my best to keep it brief.
Also this is aimed at EVERYONE!


The AGM (Annual General Meeting) is on the 4th May. This is where we
discuss things (as a club, not just a committee) such as entry prices to
the club, voting for next years committee and other important stuff that
effect YOU the climbers next year. If you think we should increase/decrease
entrance the club, or you want to run for a committee position then YOU

The reason this is heading out now is to a) give you guys loads of warning
about it, and b) give you opportunity to decide if you want to run for a
committee position. Bare in mind you'll be elected by your peers, and
unlike other elections, this one isn't just a popularity contest: you need
to be competent at the position you go for! I.E. a T-total social sec will
be considered, but probably not elected...

So what are the committee positions and what do? Heres a brief job
description and whos doing it this year:

*President *- Matt Everett - Head of the club, responsible for organisation
of day trips, night sessions, AU (or similar) liaison, job delegation in
the committee, raising key points for the committee discussions. Must be
highly responsible, authoritative, organised, perceptive and have high
levels of outdoor experiance. Does NOT have to climb E-grades/F7a...

*Secretary* - Charlotte Graves - Sorts and organises accommodation for
weekend trips (including liaison with owners), takes minutes at every
committee meeting and AGM, multiple other smaller organisiational duties
including members database, BMC memberships and other paperwork. Must be
organised (in case you hadn't gathered that already :P ), efficient,
relatively polite, ability of professionalism and helpful.

*Treasurer *- Matt Riordan - Keeps accurate book keepings of cash flow in
the club both in the 'tin' and in the account. Collects money of people for
night sessions, day trips, weekend trips and all other financial
transactions. Liaises between the financial body of the AU (or similar)
which can be labour intensive by itself. Must be highly organised,
authoritative, trustworthy and reliable.

*Gear rep* - Joe McCarty - Holds and tracks all items of club owned
equipment, including ropes, the bouldering mat, trad gear, shoes and
harnesses. Responsible for condition monitoring of said equipment to
maintain fit and safe condition for use in the club. NOT responsible for
washing ropes. Candidate must be organised and have good background
knowledge in climbing equipment, uses, damage understanding, safe and
secure storage locations (as well as room for it all - its a lot!) Gear rep
must also organise transport of equipment to night sessions, day trips and
weekend trips.
Training officer* - Nick Foulds - Manages the bouldering squad and ALL
affairs relating to them (including BUCS, (Varsity), training). Must be a
competent and skilled boulderer with the ability to teach moves that will
help new climbers. Must have a lot of time for the squad and be able to
organise BUCS independantly.

*Social secretary* - Cathy Stillman - Organises socials for the club from
simple nights out to film nights and film festivals. Responsible for
integrating and mixing club members with each other.

*Management rep* - Dave Sperring - This is usually given to the current
president. Role is to advise the new committee on the job, give advice and
generally lend a hand in all departments.

Have a think if you could be one of those people, and prepare a speech for
the AGM arguing your case. There will be others going for your position too
so try to be as professional as possible!

*Dynamic rock final session*

The final trip to dynamic rock will be this Monday. The following Monday
session will be cancelled... For anyone wanting to send those last minute
boulder problems before term finishes, now's your chance! Also if you go on
Monday night, it'll leave your Wednesday afternoon free to get outdoors if
it's still sunny!

*Final uni wall session*

The final uni wall session is THIS thursday and will be run by Dave. Last
minute fun to be had on Thursday. Also as the gear rep is away for this,
there will be NO shoes available and only a handful of harnesses so please
remember to bring your kit if you have it!

Thats all for now. This hopefully will be my last E-mail unless shit hits
the fan for some reason, so have a fantastic easter all, gets lots of
climbing done, and see you after the break for lots of lovely exams....

Matt Ev


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