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Thu Nov 1 23:25:15 GMT 2012

Hey Peeps,

Tomorrow we will be driving the long road that leads to the Peak District,
so here are the details. If your name is Cathy, Matt Riordan or Emily then
you will be travelling up with Matt Everett at 1:30pm. Everyone else will
be meeting at the front of Fulton House at 5pm, aiming to leave by 5:30pm.
If you have any problems with this please let us know immediately. Make
sure you've got everything on the kit list below, but you do not need to
bring food as we will be stopping at a supermarket on the way so that we
can all stock up.

*Kit List*
Roll mat
Sleeping bag
Hiking boots
WARM CLOTHES (it is going to be COLD so thermals, fleeces, gloves, hats,
the works)
Waterproofs (Jacket and trousers)
Climbing shoes
Trad gear (if required)
Water bottle

If you have any questions/issues just e-mail us back asap, otherwise I'll
see most of you outside Fulton House tomorrow!

Charlotte x
SUMC Committee

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