[SUMC] Final Dynamic Rock Induction reminder, change of LOCATION!

SUMC Committee sumc at sumc.org.uk
Sun Sep 23 10:39:12 BST 2012

Hi All

Yes further problems forseen with the induction - we wont be able to meet
on campus due to all the freshers moving in/faffing etc. so we will be
meeting at 15 Marlborough road in Sketty (google maps it if unsure)
Hopefully this may also be a bit closer for people.

Meeting at 1:30pm
15 Marlborough Road
Monday 24th September

Induction will be approximately 2 hours long and if you so wish (and there
are enough drivers staying) you can climb there after. You will need your
harness for the induction but if you need to borrow one, please get in
touch with gear rep Mr Linge and he can sort you out one.

Any questions give me, Lydia or Alex L a text. Or now that we have
internet, ping us an E-mail ASAP.

We're heading to Dynamic rock in a few minutes if anyone wants to, we can
catch up there!

Tata rwan

Matt Ev

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