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Fri Sep 28 15:16:32 BST 2012

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to some of you, and welcome to others! Thanks for signing up
to the SUMC mailing list. This email should contain all the information you
need to get started.

*Give it a go!*
For those of you who are interested in climbing but are not yet members,
you can come along to one of our give it a go sessions. These are on
Thursday 4th October and Thursday 11th October at the University Sports
Hall, 7pm. Cost is £1.50 and we'll meet you in the entrance - just look for
the blue t-shirts! We'll go to JC's after this for a few drinks and a bit
of a social. Don't worry about not having the right equipment - you can
borrow club shoes and harnesses for these sessions.

*Dynamic Rock on Monday Nights*
If you've paid your membership you can come along to Dynamic Rock on Monday
2nd October. We meet in Fulton House at 5:30pm and get a coach to the
centre. Cost will be £10 which covers entrance to Dynamic Rock and
transport there and back. Don't worry about not having the right equipment
- you can borrow club shoes and harnesses for these sessions as well.

*Important! *You must have paid your membership before Monday evening if
you want to go to Dynamic Rock. This can be bought along with your Sport
Swansea membership at www.swansea-union.co.uk. We cannot take cash payment
for membership this year due to changes to the SU, so please do this in
advance to avoid problems on Monday evening.

The first social is Wednesday 3rd October, so look out for another email
from our Social Sec Clare with all the details.

If you've got any questions feel free to email us or post on the facebook
group https://www.facebook.com/groups/39551098763/

Hope to see you all next week!
SUMC Committee

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Forum: http://www.sumc.org.uk/cragchat

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