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Hi Everyone, welcome back from Easter hope you all had a good un!

As final term and exams approach if you feel the need to get climbing then
don't worry as we'll still be at it! By now you all know about THIS Page on
our website <http://www.sumc.org.uk/events> so you can see what's coming
up. Well Ive got one more to add to that list which is a *caving trip!*

This is an invitation from the South Wales Caving Club to Ogof Ffynnon
Ddu (website
here <http://www.ogof.net>). There are masses of tunnels going through with
no need for small spaces and some of the pictures on the previous website
look amazing - Im looking forward already!

So if your interested heres the plan. First of all its nearly free! Woop!
The club wont be charging us so we just need to pay for fuel (*per ca**r is
about £15* so this will vary depending on how many come). You will need:

*Old, warm clothes
*Headtorch* (yes, you actually NEED it this time)
*Wellies or Walking boots
*Food + Drink*
*A spare per of clothes* to leave in the car so my seats don't get dirty

Theres no mention of waterproofs in the E-mail but I think it might be an
idea incase it is *wet **and muddy*. The sign up for this will open
tomorrow, and the trip is planned for the *2nd June* so make space in your
diaries :)

Any questions, ping us an E-mail and we'll definitely get back to you.

Also while I have your attention, don't forget the AGM is on the 3rd May!



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