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SUMC Committee sumc at sumc.org.uk
Fri Dec 6 11:10:43 GMT 2013

Morning everyone
I bring great news. We have decided on this year's location for the Easter
trip. Although dates are NOT decided yet, SUMC will be travelling to......

*Drum roll*


Heres a picture<http://upload.ukriversguidebook.co.uk/swsk2/CHAPTER%202%20DORSET/8.%20Portland%20Bill%20and%20Chesil%20Beach/new/Deep%20water%20solo%20climbing%20on%20Portland%20Bill.jpg>

And another picture!<>

Heres an example of a crag on UKC:

So, sparked an interest? Heres some boring requirements (to be ticked
before you leave, not necessarily now):
1) You need to organise your own climbing partner and probably a guidebook
2) You need to be able to lead sport and lead belay (training sessions will
be available in January)
3) You need your own rope. Owning your own rope is a pretty handy commodity
for climbing! Im more than happy to give advice on suitable ropes and
where/how to get them cheap, plus Christmas is just around the corner....
4) Helmets, Harnesses and metal work CAN be borrowed from the club
5) You need to know how to thread a sports anchor (again, we'll run a
couple of sessions for this followed by a final exam at a REAL sports crag
(ooo err))

While this list might sound pretty demanding to some, all we want is to
ensure that once you're out there you can just get on and enjoy climbing,
rather than spend a week floundering. A trip to Portland is not a regular
occurrence and is a new location for most members too. This includes the
committee, who are happy to teach during non climbing times (such as on
Monday/Thursday nights indoors) however they won't be too happy donating
their holiday time to teach...

Right enough boringness, onwards:

First off we need numbers. This E-mail is to gauge interest into how many
people want to go so we can start booking stuff.

What we can guarantee is that these dates will be less than a week long and
WITHIN the Easter break : Friday 11th April (last day of term) to the
Sunday 4th May (last day of the break).

As we don't know the exact dates yet, we understand if you can't make it on
the dates we pick BUT assuming we pick dates that ARE suitable for you,
would you like to come?

If YES please reply. If no, please don't. :)

If you prefer a specific week to go, please let us know - If everyone wants
to do the first week (while we're all still in Swansea) then it's likely
we'll do that to accommodate everyone!

More information will be given out when we know it. But for now, just ping
us an E-mail if you're interested.

Matt Ev

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