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Fri Feb 8 14:52:14 GMT 2013

Dear lovely members of SUMC,

Hope you've been enjoying the cold sunny climbing weather we've been having
recently! If, however, you have been shut away in the library like me then
make space in your diaries for these upcoming events:

*Learn to lead day trip, 16th Feb*
Hopefully we will be heading out to Box Bay to give you guys a chance to
learn the basics of leading and have a go with the help of an experienced

If you want to learn to lead, you must already be able to lead indoors and
specify "learn to lead" in the '(any other requirements)' box on the
sign-up sheet. You may still sign up if you want to come and just climb,
but you will have to have arranged a partner and have at least one
competent trad leader in the pair (also name your partner on the sign up
sheet). Priority, however, will be given to those who wish to learn to
lead. Please specify exactly what you need from us on the sign up sheet. If
you are learning to lead don't worry about racks and ropes, we'll make sure
we have enough, just make sure you have helmets, harnesses etc.

Sign-up will open Monday (11th Feb) at 10 am.

On the 16th we will meet outside Fulton House at 9:30am, the cost of the
trip being £6. If it is rainy, we'll head over to Boulders (optional). In
this case you will have to pay your own entry but will receive a £2 refund
towards it.

*Kit List*
Climbing shoes
Belay device
Warm clothes
Food and water

Remember there is a social next Thursday (14th), to celebrate National
Singles Awareness Day ;)

Also coming up is out PLAYZONE social on the 1st March. Sign up will open
on Monday (11th Feb) at 10am and £10 must be paid to Matt Riordan by Monday
18th Feb. I mean what could be better than running round a play center with
vodka slushies?!

That's it for now, but have a wonderful weekend and I shall hopefully see
you on Monday.


SUMC Committee

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