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Thu Jan 17 12:22:38 GMT 2013

My Dearest SUMC-ers,

Welcome back to a wonderful new semester of fun, frolics and best of all
CLIMBING! Exam hell is nearly over, well done for making it this far - I
commend you. Anyway, there are many things to look forward to and help you
through the drudgery of revision, not least of which are the events coming
up this term in SUMC:

*Give it a Go!, Thurs 24th Jan*
Sports Hall

This is the one and only session in which you can climb without having to
be a member of Sport Swansea or SUMC. It'll be a pretty social and relaxed
event, so bring your friends and flatmates, or just come down on your own.
A really good opportunity to try out some climbing and find out about all
the other awesome stuff we do.

*Refreshers' Fayre, Sat 26th Jan*
If you don't get a chance to come to the Give it a Go! session, or did but
want more information, come down the the Refreshers' Fayre where we can
tell you about all the crazy stuff that goes down in SUMC.

*Learn to Lead Day Trip, Sun 27th Jan*
Fulton House
Ready for the next great climbing adventure? The world of trad is a scary,
brown-trousers place but the skill will open infinite new climbing
opportunities, and can be amazing fun. Definitely well worth learning!
If you want to learn to lead, you must already be able to lead indoors and
specify "learn to lead" in the '(any other requirements)' box on the
sign-up sheet. You may still sign up if you want to come and just climb,
but you will have to have arranged a partner and have at least one
competent trad leader in the pair (also name your partner on the sign up
sheet). Priority, however, will be given to those who wish to learn to lead.
Sign-up will open tomorrow (18th Jan) at 11am.

*Boulders Routes Comp, 2nd Feb*
A top-rope and leading comp with other South Wales Unis, including
Freshers, General and Elite categories. Represent SUMC and meet other
student climbers! For more information look on the facebook page:

*Peaks Trip, 22nd-24th Feb*
Our last weekend away this year :( As the BUCS team smash in Sheffield, we
will be staying in a bunkhouse (with a fire!) near the Roaches.

In addition to these, we will be putting on a second round of club clothing
for those who were too broke/ too lazy to buy some the first time round,
plenty more socials, an Easter Trip to Spain (vacancies now filled) and a
Summer Trip.

Keep your eyes on your e-mails for more details and more events.

TTFN (as Tigger would say),


SUMC Committee

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