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Hey Climbers,

Hope you've had a good week off from lectures and have used your free time
to its maximum potential.

*Sunday's Learn to Lead Trip*
Meet at Fulton House at 8:45am, pay £6 and you will be whisked away to the
Gower to be taught one of the most important skills in climbing!

Remember to bring:

   - Waterproofs
   - Warm Clothes
   - Lunch
   - Water
   - Climbing shoes, harness, belay device etc.
   - Appropriate shoes for the walk in
   - You know, all the normal stuff :P

If you are unable to attend this session, do not despair, there shall be
another learn to lead session on the weekend of the 16th February.

*Boulders Routes Comp, 2nd Feb*

The sign up for this will open today at 11am. The competition is £5 entry
plus fuel money for any drivers. Spaces will be limited by the number of
drivers going, but you can make your way there by public transport if you
miss out on a car space.

*Peaks Weekend Away, 22nd-24th Feb*
Sign up for this trip also opens today at 11am. This trip is to the Western
side of the Peak (we stayed in the Eastern side last time), to a bunkhouse
with mattresses and a fire. This will be a good opportunity for those who
have just begun leading trad to get some practice in and is also our last
weekend trip away this academic year so don't miss out! Deposits of £35 are
due to Matt Riordan by 11th Feb.

*Banff Mountain Film Festival, 8th March*
Aside from the Christmas Ball, this is my absolute FAVOURITE social of the
year. Banff Mountain Film Festival is on tour in the UK, giving you an
opportunity to see some incredible extreme short films covering climbing,
mountain biking, kayaking, trekking across Antarctica, skiiing and more.
Sign up opens today 11am and £15 deposits are due by the 7th Feb -- we have
to book soon before they sell out!

Have a wonderful weekend SUMC,

Much love,

SUMC Committee

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