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Fri Mar 1 10:58:17 GMT 2013

What up?

Happy St. David's day SUMC! Unfortunately this weekend is climbing-free,
but you at least have Playzone to get you through. If you fancy coming,
there are still spaces so just rock up to JC's at 7pm with a tenner and you
should be able to come along!

Next weekend, however, there will be a day trip to 3 Cliffs Bay on Sunday
10th March. This is an iconic climbing spot on the Gower and is an
absolutely stunning place to spend the day. Sign up opens today and the
trip will cost £5. Once you've signed up please meet at Fulton House at
8:00am so we can make the most of the tides!

Remember Monday is your last chance to get your orders and payments in for
club kit. This will be your last chance to get your hands on SUMC clothing
this year so don't miss out!

Also BANFF FILM FESTIVAL is next Friday! Woop woop, so remember to turn up
all of you who have signed up :)

Right that's it folks,

SUMC Committee

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