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Dear SUMC-ers who are on the sign-up sheet for caving,

Hope your exams are going alright, and congratulations if you have already
finished. If you haven't finished yet - work hard as you've got an awesome
caving trip to reward your efforts! And if you are one of those lucky
people who no longer have to take exams (i.e. are out in the real world)
then hope work doesn't suck too much.

We will be meeting at Fulton House at 8:30am on Sunday 2nd June and heading
over to the Caving Club in Penwyllt. The cost will just be fuel, which you
can work out with your driver/ people in your car. We will be split into
groups of 3/4 and be led through the caves by 2 SWCC leaders per group and
the trips will last about 4 hours. They have asked me to assure you that
they will not take you anywhere you don't feel comfortable, but you guys
are hardcore so I'm sure there won't be a problem.

*You will need:*

   - Helmet
   - Head torch
   - Old walking boots/ wellies (NO TRAINERS)
   - Old clothes (NO JEANS)
   - Warm clothes (it will be around 10 degrees underground so a
   long-sleeved t-shirt/thermal and fleece is advised)
   - Towel (for a shower afterwards)
   - Complete change of clothes (incl. shoes)
   - Something to put your wet clothes in so that you keep the cars clean

If you need a helmet please get in contact with Linge before the event and
arrange to pick one up. If you need a head torch, there are 6 available
from the caving club, so please let me know if you require one, so I can
let them know how many to bring. If you have a cow's tail please also let
me know, as there is a traverse that they want to take us on that requires

If you would like to check out the caving club, there are some videos of
their trips online - just click the link:

Also, if you are on the reserves, make sure you keep you eyes on the e-mail
as they are looking for another few leaders but will let us know closer to
the time.

Just ping us an e-mail if you have any questions!


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