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Hi Everyone :)

So as most of you know, we are in the middle of choosing our bouldering
team for BUCS. I have recently received the results from Dynamic Rock of
the members who wrote SUMC on their slips, meaning they want to be
considered for the team, however I would just like to check if there are
any more people interested.

So far I have received results from:

Matthew France
Joe McCarty
Jack Brown
Tobias Homewood
Adam Walker
Phillip Dionne
Henry Brown

Caroline Milnee
Clare Garside
Jessica Rogers

If anyone who is interested and has not been listed could please email me
and let me know that they are, or anyone who is no longer interested and on
the list let me know please.

Once I have a list of everyone who is interested we will have a meeting to
discuss what is actually involved in BUCS.

*Also don't forget that the second part of the RUCKUS at Dynamic Rock will
be taking place 14-24th November. This competition will be used to choose
our actual team. If anyone is planning on competing before the Monday
night, or who just doesn't want to pay for a sheet, I will be handing out
sheets for scores this Monday (11th) and Thursday (14th) at the regular uni
Good luck to all

Zara Sheady
Training Officer

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