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Fri Nov 22 13:46:31 GMT 2013

Hello climbers!

This E-mail is aimed at those of you who enjoy climbing indoors during
these cold days.

First up, anyone considering spending more evenings/afternoons at Dynamic
Rock should seriously consider buying monthly membership. If you go twice
or more every week, membership is actually cheaper than paying student
prices (which only happen on Mondays and Wednesdays). For those who don't
know how membership works, you simply pay a one off (student special!)
payment of £35 for a month's entry to climbing. This is whenever you like,
as often as you like - if you can handle it, you can go 7 nights a week!

Secondly we have another student competition coming up at Boulder in
Cardiff. For those who haven't been there, Boulders is a HUGE warehouse
full of boulder problems and routes and on the 30th of November it'll be
set into competition mode for us. We'll be competing against other
University teams in the area, but the whole day is far from serious. This
trip is dependant on car drivers again, so please drive if you can. Expect
a sign up sheet is now open under events on our website.

Last week also saw the beginning of the bouldering team training. Its not
too late to join by the way, if you're interested in joining please contact
training officer Zara to get more information. At the training we discussed
opening the sessions to all members and there was no objection to this
(aren't you lucky....) SO every Tuesday, the bouldering team training
session will be open to all members with the team taking priority spaces.
Initially we'll keep total spaces available to 10 (again, another, weekly
sign up) but this may increase. On that note, if Matt and Zara saw you on
Tuesdays session, can you please let someone know if you're not going to
make that weeks session - this can allow someone else to make the most of
your elite training ;)

Finally, for those proactive in checking our website (which is
www.sumc.org.uk in case you didn't know already) We've just uploaded all
the events for the rest of the coming year. Please note that this still
isn't all of them and more events will be added closer to the time, but for
now you can enjoy the prospect of climbing on the day trips all around the
Gower. The Summer and Easter trip dates are NOT set in stone yet by the
way, so please hold on until we get them sorted!


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