[SUMC] Goodbye, Welcome and don't forget to climb on!

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Mon Aug 4 13:45:01 BST 2014

Hi all

Firstly - If you've *left the University, graduated or don't wish to
receive club E-mails* anymore,Theres an *UNSUBSCRIBE* button in the
signature of this E-mail. Click it, enter your address and you'll be GONE
from our database. If this doesn't work, let me know (politely works best)
and I'll get on it.

If the above isn't for you:

Welcome to year 2014-2015 of SUMC. I'll be your president this year. If you
look to your left and right, you'll find there are NO EXITS. Mwahahaha.

The *club website* (www.sumc.org.uk) has undergone some further
improvements after last years total overhaul, and is still on-going. But
now you'll find some *documents* available to download online as well as a
few more *resource* articles there. If you don't know who the committee is
this year, you can find that out on the website too....

...along with a *huge list of events* planned for the year. Im not going
through them all now, but do have a quick look! Dates may vary slightly on
some trips (a calendar is available for download too if you want an Excel
file of the dates).

Lastly, a shameless plug for the *Ultra Fantastic Gower Climbing Festival!*
If you don't know what it is, click here:


and watch the video - some things may even be familiar! If you're free
in *September
12th - 14th* then I strongly recommend you go. Theres a *facebook group for
SUMC ex-members/members *too so transport and climbing logistics can be
organised through there.

See you at freshers fayre! Any questions, ping me an E-mail and I'll get
back to you.

Matt Ev

SUMC Committee

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