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Sat Nov 1 18:52:01 GMT 2014

Hello happy climbers!

As the subject suggests this trip is about the day trip tomorrow - if you
have not signed up this doesn't apply to you I'm afraid. Unless you are now
keen, then it does! A couple of places have now become available, you can
sign up on the website.

So the plan for tomorrow is to be optimistic and head to Boiler's Slab for
a great day of climbing! Although to be realistic we have a couple of back
up plans if the weather does not agree with our plans. One option would be
to head to Pen-y-fan for a slightly wet walk. This will be a good
opportunity for you to see a bit more of South Wales and it's lush valleys!
In case we do opt for this you will need to bring waterproofs, warm clothes
and some good walking shoes.

Our other choice is to go indoors to a climbing center in Cardiff called
Boulders. There are lots of new and different problems there, so it's a
good chance to try something new indoors - other than out beloved Dynamic
Rock. It will cost £8 with your student card... and they have a slackline!

So we shall be meeting tomorrow morning in Fulton house at 9:15 am. We'll
decide then on what everyone wants to do if the weather isn't looking good.
Otherwise we shall be climbing of course!

Sorry for the late update, hope you are all still excited for a day of

That's all for now guys, see you sooooon :)


SUMC Committee
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