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Hi Everyone

Firstly, thanks to everyone who came on the trip and made it awesome. Hope
you all had a great time, and are suitably knackered now.

This is an informal E-mail, nothing of importance yet as I'll send out
another E-mail later in the week. Just to let you know that the sign up for
the NEXT day trip opens on Monday at midday (ish). Again, car drivers would
be massively appreciated, and due to good tides we'll be heading to the
Gower so wont be as far. Where exactly is TBC - either Three Cliffs Bay or
Rhossilli (I have a plan ;) ) Details on the event can be found on the
events page: www.sumc.org.uk/events

Now *logbooks.*

The hub of climbing information online in the uk is found here:
UKClimbing (UKC) is probably the best thing since sliced bread for climbers
for lots of reasons. One example: every climbing destination and crag is
listed in their HUGE database online.

Dont believe me? Click here:

*Why is this cool?*
Well if your friend wants to take you climbing somewhere (say, Rams Tor in
Mumbles) you can do a search on UKC to find theres nothing below f6c+
there...which may or may not interest you.
Similarly, if the next club trip is to Three Cliffs Bay, you can have a
stalk on UKC at the crag to see if anything takes your interest - what the
popular routes are.
*Why else?*
Another cool feature is the UKC logbook section. Keeping a logbook of the
climbs you've done, how you climbed, how you felt, if you fell off, if it
was raining etc. is a nice way to view your own progress. You can look back
to 6 months previously to see how you've progressed - you might have gone
from being a regular seconder to a competent trad leader!

Logbooks can be public or private. Heres an example of a public logbook
You have a whole variety of statistics; averages, most common styles,
favourite crags. An activity diary so you can log other sports / indoor
training sessions... Basically its got loads of features.

To start your own logbook (as some of you have climbs to log already!)
simply sign up to UKC and you can then access your logbook. You'll also be
able to rifle through thousands of beautiful photographs taken by other
avid climbers (useful for desktop backgrounds).

Have a look around, theres alot of articles on UKC for being a better
climber, and keep an eye out for competitions to win stuff!!

Matt Ev

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