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Tue Oct 21 14:27:24 BST 2014

Hi all

Hope you all had a great evening last night. Before you wince at your bank
balance, let me give you some good news.

*Monday night prices are reducing!*
Yes thats right. From this coming Monday *(28th)* trips to dynamic rock
will now be *£7.50*. This is because we will have less teachers and no
additional gear hire. That doesn't mean that teaching will cease - alot of
you are nearly ready to be signed off so you will need another week or two.

Some of you are starting to learn to *lead* and *lead belay* too. Again
teachers will be at hand for this too. Once you're competent leaders/lead
belayers, there's nothing else we can teach you inside and you'll be left
to your own devices!

*Tape Colours*
Some of you spent a lot of student-loan-money last night at gear night. But
I already saw a lot of relieved faces whilst wearing their OWN shoes and a
COMFORTABLE harness. Bliss.
What if you leave your belay plate lying around, and all of a sudden its
gone? Or gets mixed in with 3 other similar looking ones... Which one is
yours? Suddenly, 3 other people are standing round shouting 'Dibs!', 'That
one's mine!' and 'Shotgun that one!'. :(

*Tape it up!*
Click here to see a list of members' tape colours

Also as you guys are an honest bunch, if you find a piece of gear with tape
on but no owner in site, you can use the tape colour page to see who it
belongs to.

To avoid confusing your gear with someone else's, use the tape colour page
to choose your own colours, and tape up your gear. That way anything with
your tape on, is YOURS. :) You can use anything you like really, but the
most common method is using PVC electrical tape because it's cheap.

Once you've taped up your gear, send me an E-mail (*webmaster at sumc.org.uk
<webmaster at sumc.org.uk>*) with your name and colour scheme, and I'll add it
to the page. It's advisable to use more than one colour tape in order to
reduce the likelihood of 'clashing' tape colours. Please also list your
colours descriptively, for example, my colours are Black/Blue/Black.

*Finally: Teaching*
As mentioned Im really impressed with the progress everyone is making and
conscious effort everyone is putting into learning. Thanks for persisting,
the learning bit is over soon and soon your indoor sessions will become
even more enjoyable, at your own pace. I'll try to summarise what we can
teach indoors on a Monday:

*1) Putting on a harness, tie a figure of eight, tie in, top rope belay*
Everyone MUST do this without fail. I think everyone has either done this
or in the process of doing it. Once your teacher is happy with you, you
MUST get signed off at the reception desk in dynamic rock and register with
the centre (£2) Once you're a member, the centre knows you are competent
and you can walk in at your leisure without being questioned.

*2) Leading and Lead belaying*
Once you can top rope, leading and lead belaying is next. Most climbing is
done this way and is generally more rewarding! *Lead belaying will become a
priority* in the coming day trips / weekend trips and *eventually will
become a requirement* so please get this done and out the way (even if you
don't want to lead climb). It won't take long and is dead easy to do.

If you need teaching any of these, please let us know at the start of the
night so we can allocate the right number of teachers. This will make the
signing in process a lot quicker so everyone can get climbing.

I think thats all for now. Let me know your tape colours ASAP and I'll put
them up before anyone else steals them!

Matt Ev

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