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Ahoy everyone

For those who have just joined the mailing list - Welcome to SUMC!

This is just an E-mail to let you know what is happening this week and
crucially, how to sign up to the Outdoor trip! More on that later, first
we'll begin indoors.

*Monday - Dynamic Rock* - Indoor climbing (Routes and Bouldering)

   - Available to - *SUMC members ONLY* (Membership is bought HERE
   <http://www.swansea-union.co.uk/mysport/SUMC/>. if you haven't done
   this, you're probably not a member)
   - Meeting at *17:30 in Fulton House by the cash machines*. Earlier if
   possible as we'll have a lot of sorting out to do.
   - Cost: *£10* (this will reduce later in the year)

*More Information*
If you have a lecture starting at 17:00 it should finish at 17:50 (most do,
but if you're uncertain E-mail your lecturer). *The coach leaves at 18:00*
so if you come straight to fulton house you WILL catch it. We get back to
Fulton House about 22:30 and head to the pub for a well earned pint.

Clothing: Bring something that doesn't restrict your movement I.E. not
jeans. The club shoes bag has limited sizes, so please bring *close fitting
trainers* that you can climb in, in case there are no shoes left.

Remember, the club has harnesses and belay devices you can use, but if you
have your own please bring them.

These trips are open to *ALL abilities including zero experience*. Teaching
will be done by the committee members and other volunteers from the club.
Please make every effort to attend these sessions - the earlier on we do
the boring stuff, the quicker we can get you to the fun stuff!

If you are *already experienced* and can pass the standard climbing centre
test (put on a harness, belay and tie a figure of eight) let us know and
we'll tell you how to register (costs £2 to register at Dynamic Rock) and
just get on with climbing.

Theres a cafe upstairs and changing room at the centre too. Adam has
promised biscuits upstairs too! Hopefully thats answered all questions, in
summary to save time before we get on the coach please:

1) Already be a member of SUMC - We can't make exceptions
2) Have cash ready - there may be queues in Fulton House
3) Bring sensible clothing

*Thursday - Uni wall/Give it a go #2* - Indoor routes

   - Available to - *Sports Swansea Members ONLY* (Membership available HERE
   <http://www.swansea-union.co.uk/sports/> on the right hand side)
   - Meeting at *18:30 at Fulton House* or *19:00 at the Sports hall*
   - *Cost £1.50*

*More Information*
This is the FINAL give it a go session the club will run. Thursday nights
AFTER this will be open the SUMC members only.

You do not need SUMC membership for this session but you DO need Sports
Swansea membership. Please organise this before the event to avoid waiting.

We will be running a simple top rope session again where you just turn up
and someone will belay you up the route of your choice. Again the club will
bring the harnesses and shoes so you don't need anything (unless you
already have your own). JC's for a pint afterwards too (session finishes at

OK now things get interesting:

*Saturday - Outdoor Trip*
Available to - *SUMC Members ONLY*
Leaving at *08:00 at Fulton House*
You will need *Kit List #1 - 'Every Trip'* (On the resources page here
Cost *£5*

*More Information*
This trip will be to Fall Bay in Rhosilli on the Gower - the tides aren't
great hence the early start. The trip will be weather dependent, and we
have a minibus booked to take most people there. If there are any car
drivers, please volunteer as we may need you!

*How to sign up*

   1. First thing you need to do is register an account with the website:
   www.sumc.org.uk Don't forget your login details as you'll need them for
   the future events too!
   2. Next click on the events page, then the First Outdoor Trip event.
   3. On Monday at 09:00, the Sign Up sheet opens. We work on a
   first-come-first-served basis so please be quick to avoid disappointment.
   Log in and click sign-up.
   4. On the next page, click ONLY what you need (refer to the kit list).
   If you don't need it, don't ask for it, else you may end up carrying
   several ropes to the crag un-necessarily.
   5. Click sign up, and you're good to go!
   6. There are a limited number of spaces on the trips based on available
   transport / bunkhouse size etc. If the trip is full, members will appear on
   the reserves list. If people drop out, the reserves will gain a place on
   the trip.

*Some point regarding Sign-Ups:*

   - If you need to edit your sign-up, you WILL NOT LOSE your place in the
   - If you cancel your sign-up, then re-sign up, you will regain your
   place in the list
   - *If you can not make the trip please CANCEL your place. This will
   allow others to move up and get on the trip.*
   - If you are on the reserves for the trip, this does not mean you can't
   attend. If someone cancels last minute (and they often do) you will be
   bumped onto the trip.

We'll set up top rope around the area and tide permitting will include the
free-abseil through the hole in giants cave. If we finish early, we may go
for a walk elsewhere. Remember, sensible footwear for the walk in is
required, and tight fitting shoes to climb in (in case there are no shoes

The trip is for anyone of anyone of any ability :)

Wow. Thats alot of text. If only I wrote this much for my assignments.
Theres alot of information here, but it should answer most questions. If
there is something I've missed off here, feel free to send us an E-mail...

Matt Ev

SUMC Committee

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