[SUMC] North Wales Trip - Final details

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Wed Feb 25 22:40:36 GMT 2015

Hi Gang

This E-mail is aimed to those coming to North Wales this weekend. If this
isnt you, feel free to delete it. If you wish to stop recieving E-mails
from the club and didn't read the earlier E-mails, click the lovely little
link next to 'Unsubscribe' to unsubscribe.


Kit list you'll need, as always, is on the website. You will need sleeping
bags but NOT roll mats this time. As usual, climbing kit too and expect bad
weather - this is North Wales. Its likely we'll be doing either an
adventure day out or a mountaineering day out if it is raining sideways.


*Matt Ev *- Leaving on Thursday

*Lauras Car* - Leaving Friday at 15:00 from 26 Bernard Street

*Hugos Car *- Leaving Friday at 17:00 from...wherever Hugo dictates

*Wades Car* - Leaving Friday at 15:00 from 26 Bernard Street

We'll be stopping at Bethesda Tesco for food on Friday night and, as
always, the Saturday night meal will be taking place so you won't need to
buy for that night. LL57 3LJ is the post code drivers may want if it's your
first time there.

If you have any guidebooks please do bring them. I'd also like to take this
opportunity to remind you that club gear is to be RESPECTED and not
trashed. If you are unable to look after club climbing equipment as though
it is your own, you will NOT be allowed to use it!

Remember to pay someone from the committee tommorrow at the uni wall or at
JC's. Chris L will be keeping track of who's paid but it isn't his job to
chase you for money!

Have a wonderful evening. See you in the big NW ;)

Matt Ev

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