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Welcome back to all SUMC Members, hope you have all had a super summer!

Just a little update on what is going on over the next couple of weeks :-)

Freshers Fayre is now happening at both campuses this year! Yay for Bay! We
will be in and outside of the great hall on Bay campus on Monday (26th) and
in the Refectory at Singleton Campus on Tuesday and Wednesday (27-28th).
There will be committee members there all day but if you want to come and
help out or just pop by and say hello then please feel free (wear any club
kit you have!).
Also remember as returning members you do still need to pay for Sport
Swansea and SUMC memberships before we let you go on club trips, we will be
checking this year ;-)

Taster sessions will be next Thursday 29th, and the 6th October. Just a
little update on the gear night, looks like there isn't going to be one
just yet. V12 where all booked up.

The first Dynamic Rock trip will be on the 3rd October and we can all go
and see the gloriously painted and reupholstered bouldering room!
P.S. the floors are now awesome, no more tripping over velcro :-)

We are holding our first day trip on the 1st October and we will be going
to Fall Bay this year, this will be mainly top roping and the abseil
through Giants Cave. We should have the sign up ready soon and will let you
know when it is, but the tides are looking awesome!!!

To any returning members interested in teaching at Dynamic Rock this year
could you please get in touch as DR now has a strict policy of us only
teaching two people at a time so we are looking to you to hopefully help us
in this. There will be no official training for this session but if you
could pop in to the first uniwall session we can all have a chat about how
we want to teach to keep consistency going.

Any questions or comments feel free to contact us or come and poke us at
the freshers fayre.

Zara Sheady
(Management Officer)

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