[mw-devel] Re: [Photosmart_850] Re: Delete photo recovery tool

firefury at sucs.org firefury at sucs.org
Mon Mar 8 13:38:36 GMT 2004

On Mon, 8 Mar 2004, b0swelox wrote:

> "..my camera went nuts and trashed the filesystem"
> That's ever so slightly worrying! Any idea why, or how one can guard 
> against it?

No idea why - it crashed and I had to remove the batteries to get it to 
power back up again and then it complained about not being able to read 
the card.  Someone mentioned a while back that some SanDisk cards have 
reportedly been unreliable, although this is the only problem I've had 
with this card.  Never happened again, hopefully never will :)

The 850 does seem to be bad at detecting low batteries (I use 1800mAh 
NiMh's) - I'd say about 25% of the time it detects a low battery and shuts 
down and the other 75% of the time it doesn't realise the battery is 
dieing until there isn't enough juice left to shut down and then it'll 
just crash.  I guess if it crashes in the middle of writing to the card 
then you might have problems.

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