[mw-devel] CVS Update at silver.sucs.org: marvin

Chris Fry fry at sucs.org
Mon Mar 8 18:26:18 GMT 2004

> > convenience of continue than have to use goto or do everything manually
> Oh, didn't spot the "goto" bit in there - basic programming 101, never,
> ever, ever use goto, ever. (ok, it isn't entirely true, you do use it in
> various very high performance routines, especially in the kernel.  But
> unless you have a really good (efficency) reason to use it then you
> don't).  Using goto's leads to some really unreadable code.

Heh.. i've seen some fairly spectacular usages of 'goto' in quite a few
It's amazing what insanities people can do when they put their minds to it.

On another note, just my 10 cents (or whatever currently you prefer), but
I agree with Steve on the list traversal - for loops if just traversing a
while loops if editing. This seems to be fairly standard through the games
industry, and interestingly enough, some platforms can optimise for loops
better for caching than a while loop (even though they are essentially the
same). Then again, I don't suppose you're that interested in cache
efficiency for a server/client talker/bbs :)

Chris Fry

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