[mw-devel] CVS Update at silver.sucs.org: marvin

Peter Berry pwb at sucs.org
Fri Mar 19 20:25:26 GMT 2004

CVSROOT:	/usr/local/src/cvs
Module name:	marvin
Changes by:	pwb at silver.sucs.org	04/03/19 20:25:25

Modified files:
	.              : client.c server.c server.sl session.c session.h 
Added files:
	.              : slang.h 

Log message:
	- Added name field to session struct, along with MAX_NAME which is the
	maximum length of name
	- Added a simple system to get the username: the text of the first CMD is
	interpreted as the username (or rather the first (MAX_NAME-1) characters
	thereof). Currently we do this using an extra rxstate, LIN - the slang
	function new_user() handles it.
	- Added a wrapper for SLang_execute_function which provides a rather more
	friendly interface instead of having to call SLang_push_integer() etc for
	each argument. Changed session_recv() in server.c to use it, with the old
	code commented out for now
	- Replaced every instance of free() on a string allocated by xml_get()
	with xmlFree() because the libxml docs say we should
	- Added new header slang.h (only used by server.c atm)

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