[mw-devel] %files section of the mw specfile

Justin Mitchell arthur at sucs.org
Fri Jan 21 09:21:10 GMT 2005

On Fri, Jan 21, 2005 at 01:51:21AM +0000, Peter Berry wrote:
> I've got the specfile building and installing stuff as it should, but
> there is one last problem, which is the %files section.
> and so on - for *every* file. I'm led to believe by Maximum RPM that what
> I actually have in the specfile - i.e., lines like

You dont have to name each individual file, just naming the directory
should grab all of its contents, that or use wildcards.

> are all I need, but why the fsck is it looking somewhere totally 
> different, namely /home/pwb/tmp/mw3-root ?
the %files section, and all the other sections that happen after %install
are relative to BuildRoot which is where it expects the files to have been
installed by the 'make install' clause.

usually the %install clause passes an argument to make which tells it
where to install it, the install phase of make should then prepend
that path to all the cp/install commands it makes.

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