[mw-devel] 'Grammarise gag' (fwd)

Peter Berry pwb at sucs.org
Tue Feb 28 00:36:44 GMT 2006

A suggestion for a new gag from wedge...

I know that some won't work (e.g. i -> I, case gets preserved) and several 
are pretty evil (the ones that explain stuff in parens) but I can't be 
bothered to clean those up atm. Anyway, I'm submitting it for a peer 
review of sorts.

Peter Berry, SUCS Ex-Treasurer
<pwb at sucs.org>

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Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2006 13:47:51 +0000
From: William Blackstock <wedge at sucs.org>
To: pwb at sucs.org
Subject: 'Grammarise gag'

Hey Pete,

Hope all is going nicely in Germany. Here's a brand new Milliways gag
I've written ready for you to implement. I think the formatting etc. is
just fine so, uh. Please put it in for me, thanks.

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static struct pattern Grammarise[]=(
{"its'","its' is wrong in every situation. You should be using "it's" or "its"},
{"s's","s' (unless you were simply saying the plural of the letter 's', in which case, I'm sorry)"},
{"wont","won't (unless you meant 'wont' as in, 'it's my wont to misspell things which is why I've been gagged'"},
{"students union","Students' Union"},
{"student's union","Students' Union"},
{"Students Union","Students' Union"},
{"Student's Union","Students' Union"},
{"cant","can't (unless you were talking about the 'cant' related to speech, in which case, I'm sorry)"},
{"gray","grey. Now apologise for attempting to spell like an American."},
{"valentines day","Valentine's Day"},
{" i "," I "},
{"Id","I'd, unless you were referring to the games company, Id, or to the part of the brain. Sorry for that.)"},
{"august","August (unless you were talking about something majestic, sorry.)"},
{"kinda","kind of"},
{"shoulda","should've/should have"},
{"woulda","would've/would have"},
{"coulda","could've/could have"},
{"dont","don't (although you might have been speaking French. I refuse to autocorrect foreign languages.)"},
{"innit","isn't it"},
{"universitys","university's or universities, depending on if it's possessive or plural"},
{"yes dear","yes, dear"},
{"armor","armour. Now apologise for attempting to spell like an American."},
{"color","colour. Now apologise for attempting to spell like an American."},
{"freshers fayre","Freshers' Fayre"},
{"fresher's fayre","Freshers' Fayre"},
{"Freshers Fayre","Freshers' Fayre"},
{"Fresher's Fayre","Freshers' Fayre"},
{"freshers' fayre","Freshers's Fayre"},

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